I work as an Advocate on the Google Analytics team at Google. I joined Google in 2011, initially working on Google+ in Product Marketing, and also worked on the Developer Relations team, running our Google Developers Live project. Prior to that, I also contributed to other related products within Google, such as Blogger and Google Reader. As you can anticipate, while Google and I agree on many things, my opinions don't generally reflect the opinions of my employer, and should be considered my own.

Paladin Advisors Group

From June 2009 to August, 2011, I was managing director of new media at Paladin Advisors Group. Clients, for retained or project work, have included Brazen Careerist, Catalogs.com, Codesion (Acquired by Collab.Net), EmulexHewlett Packard (HP)Kosmix.com (Acquired by Walmart Labs), Maxiscale, my6senseOcarina Networks (Acquired by Dell), RepairPalSwagelok Northern California, Symbaloo and others.


From January 2001 to April 2009, I worked at BlueArc, a leading high performance network storage company. In September of 2011, BlueArc was acquired by Hitachi Data Systems

FTC Disclosures

The FTC is cracking down on bloggers with conflicts. I believe in the integrity of the Web, but also believe in having a good sense of humor. I teamed up with Jeannine Schafer in 2009 to deliver FTC Disclosure icons "for bloggers with conflicts".

Here are some of my favorites, though you know I will always overdisclose to the point of annoyance, and it's obvious I am not blogging for the money or perks, thanks to my no-ads policy.