[Last Updated -- January 2017]

Since 2006, I've utilized my blog as a platform to express my personal observations on the world of technology, the Web, and innovation. As a massive consumer of technology, living and participating in the heart of Silicon Valley, I have tried to deliver an unfiltered approach to the day's trends and tools, one that opens eyes and is my viewpoint alone - not echoing what others have said, but instead, making people think - not just about what technology does today, but where it's going.

I write without a hidden agenda. In the years of writing the blog, I've enjoyed learning and listening to some of the thought leaders in the world of tech, and have, at times, been surprised to how much they are listening back. I've had a unique opportunity to help provide direct feedback to companies, from the very largest, to the very smallest, using my blog as a megaphone.

As a single individual, I know I can never outwrite and outshout large blog networks or those who can write more frequently, with blogging more closely tied into their day jobs. I recognize that I cannot win the race of popularity or total posts. But I also know that with focus and transparency, I have been lucky enough to see entrepreneurs ask me for help in shaping their products. I've talked with book authors about how new Web technologies are shaping business, marketing and communities, and I've seen the site grow, organically, gaining readership and subscribers, who share the same passion I do for making technology connect with consumers.

Major topics for the site have included next generation RSS feed readers, link aggregation, the practice of internal linking versus external linking, original source attribution, and whether it's better to be an early adopter, or a critical reviewer. I don't write articles strictly for the purpose of gaining notoriety, seeing spikes in visitors, comments, or links, but hope to include you as an RSS subscriber or frequent visitor.

More about me on my Google Profile: http://www.google.com/+LouisGray