March 25, 2008

Our Unborn Kids Will Wear Your Web 2.0 Schwag

Now 23 weeks into our twin pregnancy, it's clear our son and daughter are already doomed. Although they don't even have names picked out, they are already unknowingly marching down the path to geekdom. Still a good few months before they debut, the pair are destined to be branded like the common race car, made corporate shills, through the donning of apparel featuring the logo of some of my favorite technology companies - and they could wear those of your favorites, if you feel generous.

Our Kids Want to Wear Logos. Here's a Starting Pack.

So far, we've managed to procure a pair of onesies featuring the Google, Apple and FriendFeed logos, as well as FriendFeed bibs and Google beanies, and we aren't done by any means. For while seemingly every mother wants her kids adorned in bunny rabbits, flowers and puppies, we'll have nothing to do with it. Similarly, we will push off any Disney and cartoon characters as long as we are able.

So here's the deal. I hereby promise that if you want to see one or both of our children sporting your company logo, whether it be on a onesie, a baby blanket, branded bottles, or any other baby gear, we agree to be sellouts, so long as you are in the technology space. We will not turn down any offers from hardware vendors, software vendors or Web sites. Want our children to mock me with their Windows Vista or MySpace t-shirts? Fine. We promise to dress them up and add their photos to our Flickr account for the world to see.

But rather than have our kids mocked for their poor judgment from the get-go, we already have some favorites in mind. I would love to go weeks without seeing the same logo twice. I want baby clothes from Digg, TechMeme, TiVo, Technorati, Ballhype, Facebook, ReadBurner, and Yahoo!. I'd love to see my kids bearing logos from TechCrunch, Twitter, Mashable, GigaOM and LinkedIn.

If you've got a favorite brand you want promoted, we're here for you. Send me an e-mail or call (my cell phone is on the right of the blog), and I'm more than happy to send contact information which puts my kids in the role of corporate babble-person.


  1. How about a SheGeeks for the baby girl? lol

    You're nuts Louis and your kids will say that when they're older, but they'll love you dearly for it. Too cool and cute!

  2. Corvida, the answer is of course! If you have one to donate, I can provide you with shipping info, and then we'll get a picture done when it's time. :-)

  3. my first ping comment-

  4. Louis - When they're 24 (like mine), maybe they'll be back in style and they'll wear them ..... and you'll be wondering how the heck you helped get them through college and grad school.

    Suck up every day. It goes quick!

    (When's the due date? Maybe we can get FriendFeed to do something with their logo ... )

  5. Louis...Do you really care what your babies wear when they are drooling??? Take it from a mom who has raised two incredible infants they don't know, and they don't care...~Skye

  6. My poor niece and nephew don't have a chance! I will help though.

    iPod Clothes

    -Auntie M

  7. cute schwag... Would be nice to see a Shyftr onesie added to the collection... something I might just be able to see to fruition for such an occasion... ;)

    p.s. @skye: As a father of THREE wonderful kids I will pipe in with, "drool or no drool, free clothes are free clothes... and free clothes are AWESOME."

    p.p.s. @ louis: they grow fast (and i mean, "she never even wore this cute outfit" fast)... so I hope you don't end up with 75 '0-3 Month' sized onesies... lol. (If i can work some Schwag from my side of things we'll try and get you hooked up with some additional sizes... you know, to grow in to... and to get you to post additional flickr photos as the first year goes on... ;)

  8. We're on it.

    Bright orange and blue coming to you soon brutha! Email me an address to send it to.

  9. Man, baby billboards - why didn't I think of that!?! I look forward to seeing the twins in techno-baby-gear. -Jeremy @ Discovering Dad

  10. sure beats the hell out of Pirillo and his Rent-A-Chest :)

  11. Talk to @stoweboyd about this, his hat/pin pimping out has been going well the past few years.