April 13, 2009

Look Out, Ken Jennings, I Can Play Jeopardy On My iPhone

The trivia game show Jeopardy isn't just a household name, it's an institution, having been on the air 25 years. The arguably antiquated answer and question show that pre-dates how most people answer trivia these days (with the Web and Google) has managed to stay interesting and relevant for decades, captivating the nation's attention when good old boy Ken Jennings reeled off a ridiculous amount of wins just a few years ago and getting himself named king trivia geek for life. Now, at least for a few minutes each day, at least, I can feel like Ken Jennings, as I dominate opponents on my iPhone.

The Jeopardy Game, Complete With My Signature

The new Jeopardy game for the iPhone, just released to the iTunes Store, lets you select two modes of gameplay - solo, where you answer every single question, and the more familiar multi-player mode, where you face off against two opponents who have wandered into the studio. You can select the strength of difficulty (from easy, medium and hard), and all the facets of game play you know from the show are there on your phone - from Daily Doubles to Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy.

One Right Question...

Another Correct Guess...

Betting It All on a Daily Double...

As with any good iPhone game, there are plenty of statistics as well. The Jeopardy game displays to you how well you did for each round of an individual game, and it adds up your total results, including how many questions you got right, how many Daily Doubles you nailed, and how often you got the Final Jeopardy question correct.

Rolling Up the Stats...

Of course, playing Jeopardy on the iPhone is much easier than real life. Instead of needing to form the answer and key it in on your iPhone, it's multiple choice, and you select one of three options, as the lights count down your remaining time. Choosing one correct choice of three means I'll get a lot more right than if I was at Studio City in Los Angeles, but winning still feels good.

One Jeopardy Question. Do You Know the Answer?

You can grab Jeopardy off the iTunes store for $4.99.

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