February 08, 2008

Friday Fanmail

From an author behind a new service yet to debut:

"You're doing a fantastic job covering the next generation of content consumption and aggregation services. I think that by now you pretty much cornered this market :) To me, at least, your blog has become a must-read ever since you broke the ReadBurner story."

Stay tuned to see what they've got in mind. You'll hear more in a few weeks... and yes, I'm not used to such nice notes, so I thought I'd share.


  1. gee I don't get cool mail like that ... but then maybe a cranky old fart doesn't exactly endear oneself to companies looking for favorable press :) LOL

  2. now I feel guilty for not sending an email because that exactly explains my experience of finding your blog and then getting hooked on ReadBurner. Can't wait to get started on AssetBar when they open it up or more invites get out.