October 09, 2007

Windows XP On My Mac!

With VMWare Fusion, I've now got the option to run Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X, all at once, on one single speedy MacBook Pro. I've had the software for about 24 hours now, and can't say enough good things about it. With that said, I tried to post a quick summary over on The Apple Blog.

See: VMWare Fusion On Mac Delivers My Best Windows Experience Ever


  1. do you have to dedicate hard drive space to each OS up front, or does VMWare allow you to share the 200GB with all the OS's without prior provisioning.

  2. Louis - that funny. Just yesterday I installed OSX in VMWare on my Vista machine. It's quite a trip...

  3. I have to do this just so I can play Minesweeper on my Mac.

  4. There are cheaper ways to get Minesweeper than deploying VMWare Fusion, but the benefits are just too great. Yesterday, I shut down my Dell laptop, walked back to IT and said, "What do you want with this?"