September 25, 2006

Watch Every Episode of The Simpsons Online - Free

Now I'm sure that this isn't exactly honoring Fox's copyrights, so we'll see how long it stays up... but a site called has acquired Flash episodes for every single Simpsons episode ever - from Season 1 through Season 18.

As Napster did, claims they "don't host any videos of the Simpsons or upload them", but they do act as a conduit for those who do. If you haven't yet purchased all of the Simpsons' seasonal DVDs, or memorized every line in syndication, then this site could be a good distraction for you.


  1. I have found anoher website where you can watch the Simpsons for free
    , as well as any other tv series or movies -

  2. I went to, but it seems it's just a "vote for your favourite episode" competion, you know.

  3. This is an older story. At the time I posted this, did show all Simpsons episodes. Clearly, that's changed. But I'm not often of deleting old stories if the circumstances later change.