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June 09, 2010

50 Top Startups Worth Watching

Alongside this morning's launch of Symbaloo in the US, I prepared a list of 50 top startups that I am watching. Challenged to rank the 50 from one to fifty in terms of both interest and viability, it proved to be a challenging task, but I can make a good case for all included, as well as their position. Of course, no list is without its omissions and second guesses. I am sure that if I ran this exercise 10 times, I would get a different list 10 times.

With the understanding that being a private company does not always mean you are a startup, I looked below the uber-players such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon, Craigslist, Tesla, and others, with a focus primarily on Web services, with a tendency toward social, and apps I am using frequently. I am more than happy to share with you the list, and it would be great to hear those you think I left off the list and missed, or how this is off base. Thanks to Symbaloo being out there, I hope to keep similar lists updated on my Webmix.

Without further ado...
  1. Foursquare
  2. Spotify
  3. Automattic
  4. Posterous
  5. Blippy
  6. SlideShare
  7. Tumblr
  8. TweetDeck
  9. Square
  10. Quora

  11. CinchCast:
  12. Sports Blog Nation
  14. my6sense
  15. Thing Labs
  16. Plancast
  17. Seesmic
  18. Lunch
  19. Gowalla
  20. DropBox

  21. Lazyfeed
  22. Hunch
  23. Ecademy
  24. Xobni
  25. Tweetmeme
  26. Feedly
  27. Klout
  29. Amplify
  30. OneRiot

  31. Lijit
  32. Echo
  33. MyLikes
  34. Outbrain
  35. DailyBooth
  36. Gist
  37. Soluto
  38. Tungle
  39. Qwotebook
  40. Regator

  41. Untitled Startup
  42. Twazzup
  43. The Cadmus
  44. Branchr
  46. BlockChalk
  47. FitBit
  48. RockMelt
  49. Live Intent
  50. Fabulis
Disclosures: Symbaloo and my6sense are clients of Paladin Advisors Group, where I am managing director of new media. In addition, I am an advisor to MyLikes and have previously done work with Ecademy.