February 19, 2008

Gray Family Forecasts Expansion Plan With 2 New Hires

Taking a break from our tech-focused early adopter RSS-oriented lovefest, we thought we'd share with you the biggest news we've kept under wraps just about four months now.

This summer, a pair of entrepreneurs have planned for the near-simultaneous release of two startups, which if they meet their full potential after incubating for a few decades, could go public.

Having gained access to the entrepreneurs' private vault, I can only now release these photos, the first of which was captured this afternoon at a top-secret Silicon Valley facility.

One of our two from this afternoon, in full glory...

And since we couldn't fit both of the business plans on a single scan at this stage in their incubation, I can show that the startup is not alone.

Both our babies, from December, at 10 weeks along...

So yes, all tech geekiness aside, we're excited to finally take the cover off this secret. My wife and I are now 18 weeks along, pregnant with twins, our first (and second). If this were a single birth, we'd be forecast to deliver on July 21st of 2008, but as is common, the due date will likely creep into early July or late June.

And in the big news of the day, we can confirm that we are expecting one girl, and one boy - gaining us both genders with one fell swoop. Pretty dang exciting. 2008 has already started out a big year for louisgray.com, and now, as you know also, 2008 will be an even bigger year for our household, as we learn to make the transition from a fledgling two-person startup (plus an 18-year-old dog), to a corporation.