January 07, 2008

Kevin Fox Joins FriendFeed After Leaving Google

The story at FriendFeed is getting better and better. As of this morning, the head UI guru behind GMail, Google Calendar and Google Reader has joined up with FriendFeed, and will work with the team to make FriendFeed have the best user interface out there, further enhancing what's already an amazing product I'm using all day long.

Kevin's leaving Google raised a lot of interest in the blogosphere, and as they say, there's no rest for the wicked. Just days after saying he was leaving Google, he's started his new gig. I'm glad to see he's teamed up with some of the brightest people in the business to continue improving one of my favorite services.

See the announcement here: Another new FriendFeeder! and see Kevin's note here.

Now, I can finally send FriendFeed some suggestions I had for their look and feel. Believe me, I've considered it, but hadn't done so yet. I'll give Kevin a few weeks, and then look out!