June 25, 2007

Google Reader Down Overnight?

It's not often that I go more than two hours without any new RSS feeds, even if it is in the middle of the night on the weekend. But if I were to believe that Google Reader were fully functioning, then that's what the RSS feed reader would be telling me, as two hours into my Monday, I'm still at zero feeds, and I don't have any solid proof that anything has been delivered since 10 or so Sunday.

Something is wrong. And given that it's so late, and most are asleep, it's a very quiet outage right now. Truth is, if people are saying anything about it, it sure as heck isn't hitting my RSS feeds in Google Reader... for obvious reasons.

Over the last few hours, I know there have been updates, thanks to Technorati, and my own efforts. A story I posted to Athletics Nation around midnight hasn't crossed to Google Reader, nor have my two posts here, or Tony Chung's note on opening up a new GeekWhat forum. As Tony is one of my Technorati favorites, I knew he posted, but otherwise, we've got radio silence in the blogosphere, and as they say, it's quiet... too quiet.

If I lose RSS for any extended period, I just might resort to actually visiting individual sites. And we all know that would be a real tragedy.

Confirmed: Reader is down, apparently for everyone. Google's engineers all appear to be asleep. Additional coverage here and here and here. (TechCrunch is also on the case.)