April 06, 2007

Maxed Out Mac Is Nearly 20 Grand

Apple introduced new professional tower desktops this week, featuring quad-core Intel Xeon chips, which in their marketing world counts as eight cores, when you have dual chips thrown in. But while I'm not in the market to get a new computer, and if I were, it would be a laptop, it's always fun to jump into the Apple store and spec out a jaw-dropping rig.

For just under 20 thousand bucks, I could get a top of the line Power Mac "with everything on it", including 3 terabytes of storage, dual 30" flat panel HD displays, 16 gigabytes of RAM, two 16x CD and DVD burners, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the dual 3 gigahertz CPUs. Can't forget those.

The best part? Apple offers free shipping. That just might be worth it. Right?

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